Saturday, June 12, 2010

We lost several noble men

Today at Brandy Station: June 12, 1863

The letters describing the fight are now being written. This one is from a soldier in the 14th South Carolina Infantry, part of Abner Perrin's Brigade in Pender's Division. A portion appears below.

Dear Father and Mother and Sister,
We was on the march from Fredricksburg to Culpepper when I received your letter and it is the first chance that I have had to write to you. I have no news to write you of importance. I can say to you that our calvary and the yankees Calvary had a very hard fight on the 8th [9th] of this month. They cut our men up very bad but our boys run them back on the other side of the river. I reckon you all know Fate Turner. He killed a yankee. They all say he got the yankee gun and his pistol and his sword. They say it was the first shot that he ever shot at one. We lost several noble men. William Farley got killed in that. They wasn't any of our infantry engaged in the fight. We was in hearing of the fight. We was marveled very hard to get into the fight but it was over before we reached the place.

We are in camp near Culpepper now, but I can't tell you how long we will stay here. I don't know how long we will stay here. I think that we will move up the river when we leave here. I fear that we will have some hard fighting to do before long. If we do, I hope and pray the Lord will be with us all in the contest. I do believe that we are on the right side and if we are we will be sure to gain the victory. ...

Dear Father, you wrote to me if I wanted anything that you would send it to me. You can send me anything that you wish to send me and I will gladly receive it and take it as a great favor. I want you all to write to me as soon as you can and give me all the news that you have in that old country. ... I want you to send me some onions if you have any big enough to pull up.

Dear Father, I will come to a close for this time by saying to you that I still remain your truly loving son until death.

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