Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"We expect to start early tomorrow"

Today at Brandy Station: June 8, 1863

A portion of a letter from James M. Homerick to his brother.
Camp near Brandlt Station
Culpeper Court House
June 8/63
Dear Brother,
...We left Dayton one week today ago and after five days of marching we encamped at this place. We have had two grand reviews of five brigades of cavalry about 12,000 in number under Gnl. Stuart. The first took place Saturday when we were inspected by Stuart and I have just now returned from the second when we were inspected by Lieutenant General Robert E. Lee in person. He is a fine looking old man but very gray haired.
We are now in a battalion of artillery numbering about 16 pieces under the command of Major Beckham. ...The ?? artillery was along you can expect out for some small fighting before a week. We are now about two miles from the Rappahanock at Beverly’s Ford
I expect from the preparations that are being made that we are going to make a grand raid towards the Potomac as soon as the valley is cleared.
...excuse the shortness of this letter as I have just returned from the review and I feel tired from riding so much. Direct your letter
To Chew’s Battery
Jones Cavalry Brigade
Culpeper Court House
Please answer immediately, as we may leave in a couple days.
Remaining your
affect. brother James M. Homerick

Homerick enlisted into The Ashby Horse Light Artillery (Chew's) in December 1862 and would survive the war. The letter is from the Robert Luddy Collection.

Jed Hotchkiss, in his diary for the 8th, is making plans for tomorrow. A portion follows:

I went to work on a map reaching to the mountains, towards Front Royal, as Gen. Ewell told me that was the route he wished the troops to take tomorrow after they had rested and cooked rations. .... Our wagons were busy until late at night loading up commissary stores. The day has been quite pleasant. We expect to start early tomorrow.

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