Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Day Late

Today at Brandy Station (sort of): June 24, 1863

As it appeared in the July 23 issue of the Richmond Daily Dispatch

--A correspondent who participated in the late cavalry fight at Brandy Station, writes us an account of Col. White's 35th Va. battalion in that engagement. It captured a battery, 100 prisoners, and four stand of colors, in which it was aided by a company of the 6th Va. We should publish the letter, but it is written at so late a day that the particulars given have been pretty generally published. We should feel obliged to soldiers for letters descriptive of engagements, if they can be sent to us directly after the engagements occur.

I have always liked this little news clip. The Daily Dispatch is gently reminding those who send letters from soldiers describing events to get them to the paper DIRECTLY after the engagement -- not a couple of weeks later.

So, in honor of this unknown participant from the 35th Virginia Battalion -- whom by the way participated in a great way: 8 killed, 39 wounded and 66 missing for a total of 113 -- by far the largest unit loss in the fight. I decided to post a day late.

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