Monday, June 7, 2010

"Be Troubled ye Careless Ones"

Today at Brandy Station: June 7, 1863

It is a Sunday, but the Rebels our on the march.

The Fluvanna Artillery passed through Vierdieville and Somerville, and reached Culpeper at 3pm.

Richard Ewell's Corps crossed the Rapidan at Raccoon and Summerville Fords, Ewell was their to greet his men, and cheers went up as he moved along the column. Ewell would arrive in Culpeper around 10 am and be met there by Robert E. Lee. His Corps would move north along the Rixeyville Road, north of town. Robert Rodes' Division in the lead, Jubal Early and Edward Johnson's Divisions about four miles behind

James Longstreet Corps had already arrived. His Corps was camped Southwest of Pony Mountain, just outside town. John Bell Hood's Division was just coming back from near the river. Lafayette McLaws was marching through town and his division would camp along the Sperryville Road.

George Pickett's Division and the whole of A.P. Hill's Corps had yet to arrive.

JEB Stuart's Cavalry was spread out in front of the Infantry, providing the screen in case Yankee cavalry poked its head across the Rappahannock. However, one Yankee column did cross into Culpeper County.

Alfred Napolean Duffi'e's command moved across the Rappahannock and at Jeffersonton, turned south towards the Hazel River and Rixeyville. He returned back into Fauquier County, failing to find any enemy. He did not see and Confederate Cavalry, which were posted the Sperryville Turnpike and at Brandy Station, on either side of the Rixeyville Road his avenue of approach.

The grass was high and thick, the air bracing.

Back in Falmouth, those soldiers of the 4th Michigan Infantry who decided to attend church, heard a sermon titled, "Be troubled ye careless ones."

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