Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Powell Returns Home

Today at Brandy Station: June 16, 2010

A. P. Hill's Third Corps, Army of Northern Virginia begins crossing the Rappahannock today and makes camp in and around Culpeper Court House. The Third is the last of Lee's army to head north. Hill was born and raised in Culpeper (his boyhood home still stands), returns home as a corps commander for the first time.

By the 16th, Robert Rodes Division of Richard Ewell's Corps has already crossed the Potomac and is beyond Williamsport, Maryland. This is after Ewell invested Winchester (June 13-15). James Longstreet is at Gaines Crossroads with George Pickett's Division and Lafayette McLaw's Division is in the vicinity of Sperryville and John Hood's Division in in Markham, just east of Manassas Gap.

The Army of the Potomac has also begun it's slide to the north, doing it's best to keep between the Rebels and Washington, D.C.

A very nice study of the Lee's movement north can be found in Blue & Gray's Spring 2004 issue. The lead article "Lee Steals A March On Joe Hooker, June 1863 was written by Bud Hall. Back issues are still available

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