Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breakfast with Beverly

Today in Fauquier County: June 29, 1863

The armies are moving ever closer to a confrontation around the town of Gettysburg. The Federals in the vicinity of Fredrick, Maryland; the Rebels are in Carlisle and York. JEB Stuart is clashing with the 1st Delaware Cavalry in Westminster.

Where is Brig. Gen. Beverly Robertson? On June 28, R.E. Lee sends a messenger to Robertson and Brig. Gen. Grumble Jones, both of whom, with their cavalry are guarding the passes to prevent Federals from encroaching into the Shenandoah Valley. Notice where the Federals are on the 29th?

They will eventually begin to move north, but it will be too late to help the Confederates.

But where is Beverly today? According to the diary of Mrs. Eliza (Ida) Dulany, he is breakfasting with her at her home Oakley near Upperville. I wonder what was on the menu?

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