Thursday, June 3, 2010

The "Brandy Rifles"

Today at Brandy Station: June 3, 1861

A portion of an article in the Richmond Daily Dispatch:

"I forgot to mention, in my account of the volunteers from this county, the name of the Brandy Riflemen. This company is composed of intelligent and highly respectable gentlemen, from one of the most beautiful and wealthy districts of Culpeper, and is commanded by Stockton Heath, Esq., formerly of Richmond. R. H. Cunningham, Esq., an uncle of the Captain, who resides near Brandy Station, where the company was organized, and who possesses wealth and influence, has not only opened his heart to our cause, but his purse, too, to the amount, first and last, of over $1,000. He has not only furnished the Riflemen with external protection and comfort in the shape of uniforms, but has also contributed to the gratification of their "inner man" by the donation of edibles, both delicate and substantial. "

The "Brandy Rifles, " were formally mustered into service on June 30, 1861 under the company name "Culpeper Riflemen," and became Company E, 13th Virginia Volunteer Infantry. Their career would be short-lived, mustering out on November 8, 1861.

A reconstituted Company E of the 13th Virginia, this time officially known as the Brandy Rifles was organized in March 1862 and mustered a month later. This time, the Company would serve for the remainder of the war and was under the command of Captains Daniel Field and William A. Ashby.

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