Friday, August 13, 2010

Order of the Day

Today at Beverly Ford: August 13, 1863

The order of the day for the 91st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, camped near Beverly Ford

The following Calls will be observed in the Command until further Orders
Reveille at 0500
Breakfast Call at 0515
Drill at 0550
Recall from Drill at 0700
Surgeons Call at 0715
1st Sergts Reports at 0730
Fatigue Call at 0800
Guard Mounting at 0900
Comms'd Officers School at 1000
Dinner Roll Call at 1200
Battalion drill at 1630
Recall from Drill at 1740
Dress parade at 1800
Tattoo at 2000
Taps at 2030

The Army of the Potomac has settled down into routine, the campaign is over.

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