Friday, August 20, 2010

Beverly Roberson's Good Day at Brandy Station

Today at Brandy Station: August 20, 1862

From BG Beverly Robertson's report of the First Battle of Brandy Station:

"...As soon as practicable I ordered a charge, and led the Twelfth Virginia Regiment directly against the center of their line, while the Sixth and Seventh were directed against their flank. The men charged gallantly, and after a brief hand-to-hand contest the enemy was routed with the loss of several killed and a number wounded, capturing 64 prisoners, including several commissioned officers. Our loss was 3 killed and 13 wounded."

Major General JEB Stuart had praise for Robertson for his action on this day. Not so, the following June, when Robertson would report "present":

"General Robertson had cause to be proud of the command which his superior discipline, organization, and drill had brought to the stability of vetreans."

None of the Federal Cavalry units engaged submitted reports, so Federal casualties are unknown. The center of the Union line was atop Fleetwood Hill. Unsuccessfully holding the hill was the 1st New Jersey under Colonel Joesph Karge, and the 2nd New York commanded by Colonel Judson Kilpatrick.
The 6th and 7th Virginia Cavalry, who turned the Federal flanks were commanded by Colonel's Tom Flournoy and 'Grumble' Jones. The 12th, which charged the center was under the leadership of Colonel A. W. Harman.
The postcard shown, from my collection shows the advance of Harman's 12th up the western slope of Fleetwood Hill.

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