Saturday, August 21, 2010

JEB gets a glass of milk

Today at Brandy Station: August 21, 1862

A portion of the diary of Jed Hotchkiss, civilian mapmaker for Stonewall Jackson, from Make Me a Map of the Valley: The Civil War Journal of Stonewall Jackson’s Topographer, Jedediah Hotchkiss

"We started from our ground bed at an early hour and went to Gen. J.E.B. Stuart’s Hd. Qrs. at Maj. Barbour’s, and breakfasted with him. ... Found an enemy posted on the river bank with artillery in earth-works; they opened a severe cannonading showing that they intended to defend the R.R. bridge crossing, but we moved up cavalry, infantry and artillery and opposed them while the main body of Jackson’s Corps moved on to Beverly’s (Cunningham’s) Ford where we had a cannonade as well as at the R.R. bridge, simultaneously, Longstreet coming up to the R.R. bridge in time to occupy it, or the front near it, tonight after we had marched on. A portion of our troops crossed the river at Beverly’s Ford and drove the enemy from it, taking some prisoners, gun, etc. ...The cannonading from both sides was quite heavy; the Yankees shelled the wood we were in. I was engaging getting the topography of the country and at a late hour hunted up the General coming in from the front. We spent the night at Mr. Thompson’s, near St. James Church. The General was very weary and much enjoyed a glass of milk I procured for him. There was a heavy shower of rain in the night."

Even Generals need their milk.

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