Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Confused Reports of this Fight

Today at Brandy Station: August 3, 1863

From the Richmond Dispatch:

Information received from Culpeper county by the train last evening furnishes us an account of a pretty severe cavalry fight in Culpeper county, in the immediate neighborhood of the old battlefield of Brandy Station, on Saturday last.

We could only obtain confused reports of this fight, but from these we gather that the enemy, in a force consisting of some three brigades of cavalry, advanced on our line of pickets in the early part of the day. The picket force was composed of the 12th Virginia regiment, Gen. Mahone's brigade. This force resisted the enemy until Hampton's cavalry came up, when the battle was joined between our cavalry and that of the enemy. During some portions of the engagement the fighting is represented to have been very severe. In the early part of the fight Capt. E. W. Branch, commanding the Grays, from this city, was killed, and his body brought to the city by the Central train last evening.

Hampton's Legion sustained the greater part of the loss inflicted upon us. Col. Black was shot through the hand with a Minnie ball; Col. Baker's arm was shattered, and Col. Young received a severe wound in the breast. The Legion is now commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. Our cavalry fought them a distance of six miles, gradually falling back upon our infantry supports.

The enemy, however, did not afford these supports an opportunity to engage in the fight, but retired as soon as they came up. Our loss was some fifteen killed and from sixty to seventy wounded. The loss of the enemy was not known by any one with whom we conversed. It is not improbable that this light is the immediate forerunner of an engagement on a much larger scale.

A funeral notice was also printed in today's Dispatch:
The funeral services of Capt E. W Branch, Richmond Grays 12th regiment Va volunteers; who was killed in a skirmish near Brandy Station August 1st, will take place this afternoon at 6 o'clock at the Monumental Church.

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