Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Review by Foreigners

Today at Brandy Station: November 16, 1863

Major General William French's Third Corps held a review today (JEB Stuart didn't have a monopoly on reviews at Brandy Station). The reason for the event was the visit by four British officers: Lt. Col. Earle; Lord Castlecuffe (of the Grenadier Guards) and Captains Stephenson and Peel (of the Scotch Fusileer Guards).

The First (BG David Birney) and Third (BG Joseph Carr) Divisions were reviewed first, with some 48 pieces of artillery, and then separately the Second Division (BG Henry Prince). All before lunch. Lunch was at General French's Headquarters, which was at the Miller House, atop Fleetwood Hill.

The rank and file also commented on the event:

"A review today.'

"Grand review of our Corps (3rd) by Maj Gen French, commanding with staff and some foreign officers."

"Review this morning by Gen. French of two divisions of the corps. Some foreign officers were with the reviewing party. We did not march in review as usual, but stood in columns in mass while the reviewing party rode in front of the column. "

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