Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First snow of the year

Today at Brandy Station: November 9, 1863

It is a simple statement on the wall: "First snow of the year November 9, 1863" The wall of course is in the Graffiti House in Brandy Station. This comment was revealed during restoration work completed by Christopher Mills this past spring.

All by itself, no other commentary. But true.

From the diary of a member of 3rd Massachusetts Light, Battery C: "There was a snow squall in the afternoon."

The History of the 40th Virginia Infantry reported: "...regiment marched through falling snow to the old camp along the Rapidan."

And Henry Seage of the 4th Michigan recorded in his diary: "It Snowed quite hard tonight the first snow of the Season"

The weather impacted the soldier greatly during the war, and diaries almost always included the local weather. It was important to the soldier to document how he endured the elements.

The 9th of November was also the last day the Army of Northern Virginia spent in Culpeper County. It's twin defeats at Kelly's Ford and Rappahannock Station by the Army of the Potomac closed the book on this portion of the ANV's storied history.

Personal note: between work and personal requirements and demands as well as my health, has caused this two month plus pause in the Today at Brandy Station blog. I hope most of these issues are behind me and I endeavour to again chronicle the daily passage of time and activities in and around Brandy Station.

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