Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mine Run

Today in Orange County: November 28, 1863

The Army of the Potomac has left what many thought was their winter quarters in and around Brandy Station. Today the army finds itself in Orange County, beginning what would be called the Mine Run Campaign.

One of the many writings detailing the Federal march to contact. This is from the diary of George Perkins, Sixth New York Independent Battery. It is from the book "Three Years a Soldier," Edited by Richard N. Griffin.

"Unharnessed at daylight. Commenced to rain...About noon the rain ceased and at the same "boots and saddle" sounded....whole brigade started toward the Rapidan crossing the plank road and following and exceedingly narrow and muddy road which forms an acute angle with the plank road towards the river. The way lay most of the way through thick woods."

Perkins of course had entered the western edge what we all now know as the Wilderness. He crossed at Germanna Ford(other forces crossed at Jacob's Ford), and using modern roads, left route 3 turning down route 601 and moved onto 603 and then to route 611, reaching Robinson's Tavern and the Orange Turnpike. The unit continued on to Parker's Store, where is remained throughout the fight. Perkins and the 6th NY Independent Battery missed the fighting at Payne's Farm, which took place the previous day. They crossed over that portion of the battlefield as they journeyed to Parker's Store

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