Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lost near Brandy Station

Today at Brandy Station: November 14, 1863

As it appeared in the Richmond Daily Dispatch:

To officers and Privates of Gen R. E. Lee's army.
--I will pay a reward of $200 for my boy Thornton, if lodged in jail so I can get him again. He is 35 years of age, a mulatto, about 5 feet7 inches, weighs about 160 lbs, whiskers and moustache, intelligent, good looking, writes well, well built, one or two small hard lumps on side of his neck. He was formerly owned by Col. J. Willis, near Orange C. H., and left there two weeks ago for the army at Brandy Station. He left Montgomery in the charge of a Lt Brooks, and he may be in some Alabama regiment. He may go by some other name. Address me, at Montgomery, Ala.
S. P. Wreford.

I have no idea if S.P. Wreford ever saw Thornton again. There are many documented stories of the loyalty of slaves to stay with their masters throughout the war. There are just as many stories of slaves who took the opportunity and crossed over the lines into Federally controlled land. Thornton could have just as easily been in either camp.

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