Friday, July 30, 2010

Washin' my drawers

Today at Brandy Station: July 30, 1863

Another entry from the diary of Private Edwin Weist of the 20th Indiana

Camp near Warrenton. Mailed a letter to Anna this morning. The day has been pleasant with the appearance of rain. I was about two miles from camp this morning in search of du berries. The officers are ordered to make out a requisition for camp or garrison equipage. The first Brigade changed camp this morning. The reg. was inspected by Brigade inspection. I washed a pair of drawers to day in the creek was pretty hard work. About 11. o.clock we moved camp moving about forty feet and went into camp by column of Divisions. Had some heavy shower of rain this afternoon. Commenced a letter to cousin Carrie.

Yes - Edwin had a busy day.
-Mailed a letter
-Search for du berries
-change camp
-regimental inspection
-washed his drawers
-dealt with a summer shower
-wrote a letter

Such is the life of a private.

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