Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back in Fauquier

Today in Brandy Station: July 27, 1863

From the diary of Private Edwin Weist, 20th Indiana Infantry

"Camp near Warrenton. It has rained some little to day. Col. Berdan has placed guards all around the camp and does not allow anyone to pass out even for water without a pass. I wrote a letter to father to day. We had word day before yesterday while marching through Gen. Ward that Indiana had captured Morgan and his whole force. We have three cheers for the gallant old state and its gallant Governor."

The Army of Northern Virginia has been followed down the Shenandoah and Loudoun Valley's by the Army of the Potomac and, crossing the 'Dare mark line' of the Rappahannock River, is settling into Culpeper and Orange Counties.

The Army of the Potomac, is filtering down into Fauquier County. The 20th Indiana, part of the First Division of the Third Corps, encamped around Warrenton, Virginia. Their stay however, would be short. On July 31, they would travel by foot, train and boat -- to New York City, to quell the draft riots which erupted in that city. The 20th Indiana would be in New York for two and a half months.

As for John Hunt Morgan, well his stay up north would not be as long as some had hoped.

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