Sunday, July 11, 2010

Been gone, coming back

Today at Brandy Station: July 11, 2010

Yes it has been a while, and for that, I apologize. Unfortunately I have to work for a living and that has greatly impacted my spare time when I am home. This unfortunate condition will abate in a week or two.

Yesterday, I along with Brandy Station Foundation President Bud Hall spent the day with members of the National Press Club. They toured the sites on the battlefield, hiking to Buford's Knoll, walking a portions of the fields of St. James and standing on the crest of Fleetwood Heights, as Bud spoke of the stirring events that took place there. After lunch, the NPC spent about 45 minutes at the Graffiti House. Finally, as time was short, they were driven to various sites in the Stevensburg area, a section of the battlefield that is not given it's proper due.

As the day ended, the President of the NPC congratulated the Brandy Station Foundation "on the fine job BSF is doing in "protecting the interests of America's greatest cavalry battlefield."

Today, I was at the Graffiti House again, this time as a Docent, speaking with those who came to see what the house has to offer. It is always an extreme pleasure to tell the story of the house and the people who past through to our guests.

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