Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mosby raid into Fauquier

Today at Catlett Station, May 10, 1863.

This is one of those sorties into a neighboring county.

Yesterday, May 9, Major John Mosby and 40 followers departed Upperville for a raid on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad. The target, the vicinity of Catlett Station.

Mosby arrived in eastern Fauquier County the following day. After tearing up some rails between Catlett and Bristoe Station (in Prince William County), which caused one train to wreck, his command set the trestle crossing Cedar Run ablaze. Heading Northeast, his goal was the bridge over Kettle Run. He got to it and began the destruction process. This time however, the bridge was saved by the timely arrival of Union Soldiers on a train.

The Federals extinguished the flames before they could do an damage. Mosby's command escaped.

(From the Virginia Regimental Series: 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry: Mosby's Command, by Hugh Keen & Horace Mewborn)

The image is a wartime view of Catlett Station, from the Library of Congress.

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