Monday, May 24, 2010

An execution in Richmond

Today at Brandy Station: May 24, 1863

in the Richmond Daily Dispatch
--A negro woman named Clara Ann, slave of Mr. Blank, of Culpeper county, heretofore condemned to be hung for the murder of her mistress, who was removed to this city three weeks since for safe keeping, was executed yesterday in the interior yard of the Penitentiary, by order of the Governor. The culprit was put on the gallows at fifteen minutes past two o'clock, by Mr. Peter Phillips, Deputy Sheriff of Henrico county, and remained suspended until 3 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Sweeney offered an affecting prayer to the Throne of Grace prior thereto. But few spectators were present.

I can find no other references to this event, the story is out there somewhere, but it eludes me, for now.

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