Friday, May 14, 2010

CWPT History Under Siege

Today at Brandy Station: 14 May 2010

Actually it is yesterday that the CWPT released it's top 10 most endangered battlefields. I had the honor to represent the Brandy Station Foundation at the press conference that announced America's Most Endangered Civil War Battlefields. And later in the day I was at the Bull Run Civil War Roundtable. So it was after 10 pm when I got home.

There were no Culpeper sites on the list (a topic for another discussion), two sites are in the area made the top 10.

Wilderness: In August 2009, the Orange County, Va. Board of Supervisors approved a massive commercial center featuring a Walmart and four retailers at the gateway to the historic battlefield. A lawsuit to block the project is pending.

Thoroughfare Gap: In February, consultants began seeking comments from the preservation community regarding a proposal to build a 150-foot-tall communications tower within the core battlefield area at Thoroughfare Gap. Although construction of Interstate 66 in the 1960s saw portions of the mountain gap widened, the area retains much of its rural, scenic beauty.

Additionally, Manassas is listed as an at risk site.

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