Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slow News Day

Today at Brandy Station: April 25, 1864

There are days when stirring events occur: great battles, grand reviews & balls, news from home or something of interest. Well, nothing like that occurred on April 25. It was a clear pleasant, quiet day in camp.

But for a soldier, this is a good thing. With the terror of combat looming in their future, a quiet day is a good day. Consider some the following:

"We returned from picket yesterday, and have been issuing ammunition and making other preparations. All well so far. " a soldier in the 9th Pennsylvania Reserve

"There is nothing new around here at present so I can’t write much news to you this time. So you will excuse me with a short note." a private in the 4oth New York wrote to his sister in New Jersey.

"Still on picket. Relieved from the line & came back to the grand reserve at 12 N. Report that the rebels are moving up the Shenandoah Valley. The time for active operations is nigh. May God give me strength to ever do my duty, for him is my trust." a private in the 86th New York wrote in his diary.

"I seat myself this fine afternoon with pleasure to let you know that my health is good and that I received yours of the 11th, the 21th and was glad to here from you and to know that you are well. I don't know as there is much news to write now,..." wrote a private in the 11th U.S. Infantry to his mother.

"I feel first rate, and my mumps are entirely gone." penned in a letter by a private in the 116th Pennsylvania to his father.

What lies ahead for these men is unknown. But for all of them (especially for those without mumps), Monday, April 25, 1864, was a good day.

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