Saturday, April 3, 2010

"I wish it had been me."

April 3 was a Sunday in Brandy Station, usually a day of church service, a quick inspection and the rest of the day was free. It was also a day to catch up on your letter writing.

A soldier from Vermont wrote a real interesting on to his wife on April 3. I found this letter in "A War of the People: Vermont Civil War Letters," edited by Jeffery D. Marshall. In it Tabor Parcher tells his wife about three Culpeper women who succumbed to Yankees wiles.

A portion of the letter, as written:
"Wall there is three girls that is a goin to have babies that I know. Hon John Minor Botts Girl is a goin to have one. She is a nice pretty girl of about 20 years of age. The safe guard knock[ed] her up. I wish it had been me. She was one of the first girls in this vicinity before she got f***ed & it doant make a difference now. Wall another is Sarah France. She lives near the Picket line at Poney Mountain. She is about 3 ½ months along so she told me last time that I see her. & the other is Alis Poland. She lives near the right of the divisions Picket line."

Besides identifying the three ladies for us, the most fascinating line is "I wish it had been me." Remember, he is writing his WIFE, who is in Vermont. They must have had a strong, understanding relationship.

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