Saturday, April 30, 2011

Broke Camp

Today along the Orange & Alexandria Railroad: April 30, 1864

The Fifth Corps is on the move. Most received orders to begin to move down the railroad towards Brandy Station and link up with the rest of the Army of the Potomac.

As they slide to the south, Major General Ambrose Burnside's Ninth Corps takes up positions along the O&A for a brief few days. Arriving by boat from Annapolis, they landed at Alexandria and marched south.

Henry Seage of the 4th Michigan: Order to be mustered at 10 am began washing clothes and just as we got through the Bugle Sounded the General Call - Packed up, started about 4 pm marched to and camped for the night between Griffen NS, and Rappahannock Station. Was retired from duty at Bealeton by a Pa. Reg of Burnside's 9th Corps. Today began our campaign for the ensuing summer. Began on hard tack for the first time since went into Winter quarters.

91st Pennsylvania Infantry: Broke camp. (Received orders during battalion drill.) Marched to Rappahannock, crossed at Rappahannock Station. Marched to Brandy Station. Lt. Col. Joseph H Sinex was in command of the regiment.

2nd Pennsylvania Reserves: We marched at five o’clock, crossed the Rappahannock and encamped about one mile east of Culpeper Court House, where we remained until the 4th of May.

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