Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Shot to death by musketry"

Today at Brandy Station: December 18, 1863

On this day, five soldiers in the Army of the Potomac were shot for desertion.

John Tegue, 5th Vermont Infantry
George E. Blowers, 2nd Vermont Infantry
William H Devoe, 57th New York Infantry
Winslow N. Allen, 76th New York Infantry
John McMann, 11th U.S. Infantry

All are interesting and unique stories. But I will just discuss one, Winslow Allen. Maybe next year I will detail one or more of the others.

In today's terms, I would submit that Allen would be considered a winner of the infamous 'Darwin Award'. Originally in Company H of the 76th NY, he deserted in the spring of 1862 when the regiment was in Washington. On September 27, 1863, Company H of the 76th received eight new recruits and yup, Allen was one of the recruits. Yes I said he deserted from and rejoined the same company.

As the story goes..."He was possessed of a beautiful wife and one child, but, tempted by the bounty of three hundred dollars, he had sold himself as a substitute, trusting to fortune to make his escape again. As he was marched by the sergeant down the company street, though dark, his voice was recognized by his former comrades. This coming to the ears of the officers, he was arrested and placed in confinement to await his trial for desertion."

The trial and forlorn hope for appeal followed. On this fateful day:

"As they marched to the mournful measure of the death march, and neared the fatal spot where the rough coffin and gaping grave were waiting to receive their victim, he seemed suddenly struck with terror, and, seizing the Captain's [Swan] hand with a vice-like grasp, thus remained until they arrived at the coffin. Around him were formed his companions whom he had deserted. The grave which was to receive him as a loathsome criminal, was fresh beside him. It was a severe test of his physical courage. To none but the Captain was there the exhibition of the least emotion.
The condemned man was placed upon the foot of his coffin; the bandage placed over his eyes; his hands pinioned. The charges, specifications, findings and order for his execution bad been read. The Captain bent over him, and, his heart almost too full for utterance, whispered: "Winslow, I can go no further with you ; the rest of your dark journey is alone. Have you any last word for your wife and child?""No, Only tell them I love them all!" These were his last words. The Captain stepped back a few feet; the officer gave the signal to the executioners; the report as of a single gun rang out, and Winslow N. Allen fell lifeless upon his coffin. He had, on that day completed his twenty-sixth year. He died without a perceptible movement of a muscle."
The quotes are from the 'History of the 76th New York Volunteers" by A. B. Smith

A soldier in the 76th wrote to his wife that night; and after discussing the weather, the positive implications of avoiding a fight on the Rapidan [Mine Run] and the chance of furlough, he talked about the execution. The private states, "The court found him guilty of desertion, and sentenced him "to be shot to death by musketry." He was shot to day in presence of the 2d brigade."

His final line of the topic was poignant." "In looking over the mail to-night I noticed two letters for Winslow Allen, each marked "Please forward in haste." They came too late."


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