Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Today at Brandy Station: December 6, 1863 & 2010

History does repeat itself. The temperature in Brandy Station right now is 32 degrees (at 7:30pm) with a wind chill of 16. The overnight low is predicted to be 26 degrees. Wind is blowing 10-15 miles per hour with gusts to 30 or more.

in 1863...
... "Cold weather."

"The weather is cold as Greenland, it freezes water in our house half an inch."

"Today has been quite cold, sharp wind -- "

"It has been very cold for a few days and they done me a great deal of good already. We have not had any snow yet. "

"Last night was probably the coldest we have had yet this winter. It was very windy. To day is clear but cold."

"This is an awful cold Sunday, we have to lay in bed, to keep from freezing."

Our last soldier, I believe has the right idea.

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