Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Residue from the 'great Cavalry fight'

Today at Beverly Ford: September 7, 1863

Below is a portion of a letter from Private William Lamson to his sister. Lamson is in the 20th Maine and they are camped on the Fauquier County side of Beverly Ford.

"Dear Sister

...We are camped on part of the ground where the great Cavalry fight was, about the 10th of June. There are a good many unexploded shells laying around and many pieces that the rebs fired over at our men. There is a large white house on this side of the river and a negro house about ½ mile from it. And on the other side of about as far apart are 2 nice large houses. ...With a spy glass we can see that the brick house is ornamented with 2 or 3 shell holes which it received in the fight. They don’t add much to the beauty outside nor in, for one burst in a room smashing things up badly. Some of the boys went over when we first came here and said it was finished and furnished in a very costly style but I guess it don’t look quite as well “as it did.” ...

Once in a while we see 3 or 4 “Gray backs” riding around on the other side of the river taking a look at our camp. Some time ago 4 came almost down to the river, stopped a few minutes, waved their sabers over their heads, then turned and trotted off. ...Give love to all the family and accept a large share for yourself. Good bye."
From your aff
Brother, Will.

Lamson's letters can be found in:
Maine to the Wilderness: The Civil War Letters of Private William Lamson, 20th Maine Infantry. Edited by Roderick M. Engert

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