Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

Today at Brandy Station: March 27, 1864 (Easter Sunday) From the letters, diaries and regimental histories that I have access to, there isn't a lot of material from the soldiers about today being Easter Sunday. Joel Molyneux (141st Pennsylvania) is the only soldier to identify the day: "Easter Sunday. Rode to Culpepper with the Capt[ain]. Gen. Hayes at Hd Qrs, and is to command the Second Brigade." Richard Owen (86th New York) was poetic: "Bright and fair with all the blessings of an infinitely good God resting upon me. O for a closer walk with thee. A heart from sin set free. A light to shine upon the road that leads me unto thee. My God my all and is all." Henry Seage (4th Michigan) mentions there was Divine Service at 11:00. But, did not go. George Perkins, (6th New York Independent Battery) went to a service: "Fair and warm. A very interesting Bible lesson this day on Mat[thew] 5th. Discourse in evening and a prayer meeting. Spoke. Cornelia Hancock, a 2nd Corps nurse on Hansbrough Ridge, concluded in a letter to her sister: "Sunday morning- our steward has returned quite drunk and things have not got straightened yet, quite. Liquor I am so down upon. They cannot get it here but he went to Washington as has not recovered himself yet. He has just been in my house, says he is all right for duty now, I hope so. My house is not swept up yet. I suppose you are about getting off to Meeting." For many, like David Wagner (107th Pennsylvania Infantry) it was a normal day in the army: "Company Inspection in the morning. Dress Parade in the evening at 4 O'Clock."

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  1. I know that it is a bit premature, but on May 5, 1864 my g-g-grandfather Adj. William B. Phillips of the 2nd. PA "Provisional" Heavy Artillery wrote a brief but dramatic letter from "near Brandy Station atop ammunition box". In part he said "Everthing is ruin out from Brandy Station...we will resume the march in 20 minutes. The next day his regiment entered the Wilderness. Several years ago I visited the Graffiti house and signed my name on the wall. It was an emotional experience I will not forget.