Monday, January 3, 2011

The First Sabbath of 1864

Today at Brandy Station: January 3, 1864

A fairly quiet day for the army.

A soldier in the 141st Pennsylvania Infantry caught the 3 o'clock train heading towards Brandy Station to visit friends. He began his journey at Warrenton Junction, a distance of 18 miles.

There was no service nor inspections in the 4th Michigan Infantry. But they did have an evening parade, their first since before Christmas.

Those soldiers whom decided to re-enlist in the 91st Pennsylvania Infantry were having a pretty good day. These men were preparing to take the cars in a northbound direction, heading home tomorrow to the Philadelphia area, on reenlistment furlough. They will return as Veteran Volunteers.

Lucius Bidwell, in the 14th Connecticut Infantry, wrote to his brother, lamenting that the recent snow had all cleared off the ground (more coming tonight), so no sledding, as there likely was home. Lucius also told his brother of a letter he has received from his 'sweet Philadelphian.'

William Owens, in the 86th New York Infantry, probably had the best day. Owens was called out of church to receive his pay.

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